Teresa Sallam

5+ Years of Experience
Mesothelioma Hope is made up of a team of patient advocates, like Teresa Sallam. She has committed her career to raise awareness about mesothelioma and asbestos exposure and fighting on behalf of patients and their families.

Teresa was born in San Pedro, California, where her father was stationed in the U.S. Navy until 1968. When her father retired from the military, Teresa and her family moved to a small farm in Port Orchard, Washington, near the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where her father took a new position as a boilermaker.

After Teresa experienced a personal, life-altering event, she decided to dedicate her time and energy to helping others. She obtained a degree in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix and started working with battered women, helping them break the cycle of abuse. Now, Teresa continues to support others in need by working with patients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases, helping them receive medical and legal assistance.

Each day, Teresa finds joy and motivation in brightening others’ days.

Teresa aims to minimize the stress her clients are experiencing, and her daily goal is to put a smile on the face of someone who is going through a difficult time. For Teresa, helping someone laugh, especially when they are finding it difficult to laugh under stressful circumstances, is extremely rewarding. These small acts of compassion all add up to a positive experience for her clients.

Surrounded by a fantastic community, Teresa currently lives near the ocean in North Carolina, where she enjoys gardening in her big back yard. She also loves tossing a line into the water and relaxing, waiting for the fish to bite — a hobby she picked up from years of being her father’s fishing buddy.

Teresa looks forward to hearing your story and providing guidance during this difficult time.

United, We Will Stand With You

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