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How the Mesothelioma Veterans Center Can Help You

When you contact us, you can speak to skilled nurses, patient advocates, and VA-accredited lawyers who can help you get the resources you need.

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Find Doctors and Treatments

Jenna Tozzi, RN Director of Patient Advocacy

  • Find top doctors (nearly 150 in network)
  • Schedule treatment appointments
  • Get the care you need
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Get Mesothelioma VA Benefits

Eric P.W. Hall (Major USAFR) VA Claims Advocate

  • File for VA benefits
  • Increase your existing VA benefits
  • Get almost $4,000 in monthly VA payouts
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Secure Compensation

Brian Cooke (USMC Veteran) Mesothelioma Attorney

  • File mesothelioma lawsuits
  • Access asbestos trust funds
  • Get legal payouts often worth $1 million+

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Our Experience

Since our founding, the Mesothelioma Veterans Center has led the charge to help U.S. veterans battling mesothelioma and their loved ones.

  • 2015 Founded to assist U.S. veterans
  • 3,300+ U.S. veterans and families helped to date
  • $9 Billion Secured for mesothelioma patients
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Testimonials from Veterans and Families We’ve Helped

We’ve helped U.S. veterans, civilians, and families affected by mesothelioma access VA benefits, cancer treatments, legal compensation, and other resources. Hear from clients we've assisted below.

“I was watching the way my lawyers handled the case. They did good. They were prepared. They could go back to day 1, and I appreciated that.”

Walter, U.S. Navy veteran

“They treated us like family, and they cared about us like family.”

Art, U.S. Army & Air Force veteran

“They will be there by your side the whole way through.”

Linda, daughter of U.S. Navy veteran

"The Mesothelioma Veterans Center helped my dad get 100% disability benefits for his service-related cancer."

Chris, son of U.S. Marine veteran

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