Headshot of Shea Atkinson

Shea Atkinson

Senior SEO Associate

Shea Atkinson is a senior SEO associate with more than six years of experience in the online mesothelioma space. He helps increase the digital visibility of the Mesothelioma Veterans Center website so that veterans and their loved ones can find the information they need.

Shea is proud to help veterans — and anyone else affected by mesothelioma — as several of his family members have battled cancer. Through his work, mesothelioma patients can learn how to file for VA benefits, connect with top doctors, and access financial assistance.

“I want to be able to spread the word on mesothelioma to those affected so they can see what options they have to help.”
—Shea, Senior SEO Associate

Shea graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. In addition to helping those with mesothelioma, Shea enjoys spending time with his dog Cooper, watching movies, rooting for his alma mater's football team, and going to the beach.

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