Beth Swantek

Contributing Author at the Mesothelioma Justice Network

A former news reporter and anchor, Beth has been writing about the dangers of asbestos and the diseases it causes since 2013.

The Michigan native graduated from Michigan State University and holds a Masters from Moody Theological Seminary. She’s worked as a media professional over 30 years, beginning her career as a broadcast journalist in northern Michigan and then Dallas.

She spent several years serving for a mission agency where she produced an award-winning documentary in India and Thailand. In recent years, she’s not only been working as a freelance writer, producer, and director but also teaches her craft at a private university in southeast Michigan.

Beth and her husband have three grown children, one of whom is severely disabled after a massive brain injury at birth. The veteran media professional feels her experiences with her daughter have given her a heart for others who are experiencing deep loss — such as those suffering from mesothelioma.

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