Frances Morales

10+ Years of Experience
Frances has over 10 years of experience helping veterans with mesothelioma and their loved ones find medical care and legal support. She takes pride in helping families battling cancer, having a personal connection to what they’re going through.

Frances’ sister-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer in 2010, and her family sought the help of a patient advocate. Her sister-in-law beat her cancer after a harrowing journey, losing her hair and a lot of weight to chemotherapy.

Frances also has connections to many industries that veterans worked in after they served. Her family members worked in factories, fields, and the construction industry. Many of these occupations relied on asbestos prior to the 1980s.

Frances draws on these experiences when speaking with U.S. veterans and loved ones who may be facing cancer now. She’ll provide updates about your case and answer any other questions you may have in a friendly and helpful manner.

Frances grew up in Oregon and now lives outside of Portland. Outside of work, Frances likes camping and fishing with her family and listening to music.

United, We Will Stand With You

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